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So you're going to Cabo, and you should! Cabo is a beautiful and ultimately affordable Mexico vacation spot. Be forewarned, this page isn't trying to sell you anything, so if you want to buy something, you should go somwhere else.

That picture to the right? It's a typically gorgeous Cabo vista. Get used to it.

There are three "parts" of Los Cabos. San Jose Del Cabo, The Tourist Corridor and Cabo San Lucas. This guide deals primarily with the latter, but it's 'must-read' knowledge no matter which part of Cabo you're visiting.
(We say, 'visit them all!') On to the site overview...


Did you know

Cabo is almost entirely desert? Most of the plants you see aren't native. And they get a lot of water. Usually, that water is "gray water," so don't sit on the grass!

Luggage Shipping

Planning on bringing a lot of luggage to Cabo? Consider using a luggage shipping service. They're the best way to get extra bags from point A to Los Cabos.

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arriving in cabo

Getting to Cabo

This section helps you deal with the second most annoying aspect of your trip, the Cabo airport. I wish I'd known this stuff before I went to Cabo! (The most annoying part is leaving!)

cabo lodging

Cabo Lodging

Should I stay at a cheap hotel in town or splurge for a resort? What about renting a house? Cabo hotels.

cabo activities

Cabo Activities

Whale watching, sunset cruises... what fun in Cabo! What to do in Cabo.

cabo in town

See the City of Cabo

Don't spend your whole Cabo trip in the confines of a hotel! There's so much to see, so much to do what to do in Cabo.

cabo maps

Cabo Maps

Looking for a map of Cabo San Lucas? Crumble one into your pocket and you'll be a happy camper.

cabo basics

Cabo Basics

What's the low-down on Mexican/Cabo water? Exchanging money? Beaches? You'll get every bit of basic information to make your trip a happy one. .

cabo transportation

Cabo Transportation

What would a vacation be without getting out to see the sundry sites? We tell you how to get there. Cabo transportation.

cabo food

Cabo Food

Cabo is an eater's paradise! Seafood, tacos, salads... the chefs of Cabo can do it all. (Cabo tacos are our favorite!)

cabo faq

Cabo Frequently Asked Questions

What? When? Why? How? Who? Huh? You've got questions. We've got answers! Read the Cabo FAQ.

cabo san lucas weather

Cabo San Lucas Weather

This Cabo weather page is strictly formality. The weather's great!