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cabo bodegaIf you're here, you're looking for a map of Cabo San Lucas, so that's all you'll find here. There are only two, but they're enough to get you started.

That picture to the right? It's a Cabo bodega... or is it a map to a bodega? Hmm...

If you want other Los Cabos maps, check out the CaboAction FAQ for links. But why would you do that? Our maps are very map-like. You love them.

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Did you know
touristy places like El Squid Roe are largely a waste of time? You'll spend about four bucks for a fifty cent cerveza! You're not even 'paying for the atmosphere,' because drunk Californians are actually free to experience almost everywhere.

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Los Cabos Map

Los Cabos Map

Use this map to get your greater geographic bearings. You're looking at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. It's so long, it makes Italy look like a knee-high rather than a full-leg dominatrix boot. (Only the Malay Peninsula is longer.)

You'll land at the airport and then head to your hotel in one of the Cabos, or the tourist corridor.

If you have a car, you might be inclined to visit some of the dirt, but there's plenty to see and do under the little black Cabo dots, and plenty of dirt there too.

cabo san lucas

map of Cabo San Lucas

Map of Cabo San Lucas

OK. So we're not cartographers, but this should get you started. It might look like a bizzaro pac-man with a slime-mold infection, but it's really a map of Cabo San Lucas!

Use this to get an idea of where things are in Cabo. Then, when you get to your hotel, or start blazing a path in the city, just find one of the many free maps available.

We've labeled a few important streets and landmarks to get you started. We've also invented the "Crazy Spiral Street" to illustrate that these maps aren't the most accurate in the world... and as a free bleeding-edge marketing idea for the Cabo Tourism Board.